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GummyBunny ~ Piggyback Ride by AlwaysForeverHailey

While you're picture is simple, I found it very cute in how innocent, happy and in love Prince Gumball and Fionna look as they gaze int...

GummyBunny ~ Sweet Moments by AlwaysForeverHailey

While you're picture is simple, I found it very cute in how innocent, happy and in love Prince Gumball and Fionna look. It is beautiful...


Personally I like this picture and even added it to my favorites list I like Zim and Tak's expressions as if they are having some kind ...


Became a voice actor on YouTube, I dub, voice, and imitate these characters:

Grumpy Warden 




Whats this? 

Hisoka Derp Face Emoticon 
Got dumped and neglected by :iconnaruto-warriors-oc:

Currently dating and in a loving relationship with :iconmemamo3:
Questions asked by :iconhellovegimak:

1. Mofa?

Excuse me.............

2. Ever made a selfie in the bathroom?


3. Which of the four Pacman ghosts is my favorite?

I think they're all great ghosts, I wouldn't mind meeting them

4. Do you like waffles?

Nope. I hate breakfast

5. What is your favourite jewel?


6. If you had a chicken what name would you give it?


7. What would you tell your past self?

Pay more attention to :iconmemamo3:

8. What is your favourite candy?

Airheads, Starbursts, and Peanut-butter candies

10. Did I just skip a number?


9. Oh. No I didn't. :3                             Do you have any pets?

Hayley the Hamster

11. If you had the opportunity to buy something in Japan what would it be?

I'm guessing a samurai helmet.

12. Ever ate a bug?


13. You know what's beautiful?

Space, the Ocean, the Sky, and my beloved :iconmemamo3:


United States
Good Evening Everyone

I'm a quiet & somewhat shy person who hides his emotions under a stoic and serious façade, but I loosen up a lot when having fun with my friends and on deviant art

I am an intellectual who likes science, music and art

I try to be a gentleman

I am charismatic, polite, classy, relaxed, well-mannered, and have an aim to entertain my audience

I enjoy various forms of comedy and possess a light hearted, goofy, and cartoon-like humor that is surreal to the point that some people think I'm bizarre

I enjoy seeing and making people laugh and smile.

All in all I'm a pretty good guy.

I'm glad to Part of this community and will try to be an excellent host, while you're here on my profile!

Current Residence: New York

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large

Favourite genre of music: Classical Rock, Jazz, Techno and Orchestra

Favourite style of art: Cartoons

Favourite cartoon character: Jack, Sally and Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Invader Zim and GIR, Ed, Double D, Nazz, Jonny, Plank, Jimmy and Eddy from Ed Edd N Eddy, Calvin and Hobbes, The Warden of Superjail, Dr. Eggman and the Deadly Six from the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Wario from Super Mario Bros, Evil King Stan and Evil Butler James from Okage: Shadow King

People I'm associated with:

My Mentor: :iconhayleyskellington:

Best friend/Partner in fun and creativity: :icondominar-rygel-16:

My Friends::iconwhitexkitty: :iconaskalternateeddy: :iconlegolinenzian: :icontallestredfangirl: :iconi-n-v-a-d-e-r-x-e-n: :iconhadescryushiu: :iconmikage-yoshinoanerin: :iconxcelestial-braixenx: :iconmugiwaranomaxi: :iconsimplybrillig: :iconfreakyvicky: :iconcinnamedic: :iconpsychia98: :iconbecaveach21: :iconhollybecker: :iconxoctober-rain: :icondevilsbloods: :iconxfufflymomox: :iconserefyna: :icondragoness-bea: :iconpegesusartist: :iconjapanesegodzilla1954: :iconask-cronaandragnarok: :icondarkmegafan01: :iconsquid-kid-sam: :iconask-minty-sakura: :iconmakenshicrona-gorgon: :iconinvaderzoe010: :iconbella-the-emo-kid: :icongodzilla2014monster: :iconagfantilltheend: :iconrexfinemutts: :iconjapaneseblossom19: :iconedemonswordsmancrona: :iconkamisami:

Artists I admire: :iconflufflemuffle: :iconzamayn: :iconyakko-warner-brother: :iconkaburagikotetsu: :iconameiliaketchum: :iconbrookellyn: :iconjackfreak1994: :iconedgarellen: :iconinvderzimfannumber1: :iconinterstellardream: :iconolddochudsonandco: :iconpvelephant: :iconkitsune23star: :iconsuemoons: :iconjasminealexandra: :iconkagamochilen: :iconjack-hedgehog: :iconitachei: :iconbluebombermegaman: :iconnictrain123: :icongreen-himawari: :iconlolinondoda: :iconvilecannon13: :icontika-hiraishin: :iconedd-the-werewolf: :icongruddlypod:

RP Buddies: :icondemitrixtr: :icondarksageofobelisks::icondenizenofimagination: :iconyjfangirl:

I like the works of Tim Burton

Happy New Year! by NegxPosxReal

Jake and Sally's wedding by Wickabee

Hello again by Tiuni

Shy Courtship by celticreeder

Midnight Stroll by imaginism

Jack and Sally by X-EmptyLover-X

Sweet Kiss by celticreeder

My dearest friend... by Juices-Delicacy

Kiss me some more.. by Juices-Delicacy

But... by Juices-Delicacy

Christmas Cookies by TwinTwosGirl

Love on Silent Hill by billywallwork525

jack x sally...ALIVE by selene-nightmare69

jacky... by selene-nightmare69

doodle jack x sally by selene-nightmare69

Jack and Sally by im-with-no-name

100 Faves! Phantom Jack and Sally by Sinister-Sweet

100 Faves: To Us, Darling by Sinister-Sweet

As Anyone Can See by Sinister-Sweet

Disneyland - Jack and Sally by kolidescope

Sketch 3 by DarkDragon1010

Creepy love by Cookiesan-cream

AT-To the Haunted Mansion by jackfreak1994

What a gentleman by jackfreak1994

Jack and Sally by Madame-Kikue

blushing 4 u by jackfreak1994

happy scary birthday by jackfreak1994

peaceful romance by jackfreak1994

unexpected kiss by jackfreak1994

'sally, I love you ' by jackfreak1994

Good luck,Pumpkin King by vanilliacoke

Jack and Sally by ye-oldy-jumpy-thing

Tegakie - Cute Halloween Town by stickynotelover

Tegakie - Jack and Sally by stickynotelover

Little Nightmare Before Christamas by daekazu

This is Halloween by ChiaraCi


.:Day Of The Dead:. by MadTeam

Tnbc Nutcracker Ballet by HollyBecker

Jelly arms TNBC by Lily-pily


Jack Vs Oogie by TaraGraphic

Jack and Sally Share a Strawberry by HollyBecker

The Proposal by HollyBecker

The Wedding by HollyBecker

Steampunk Jack and Sally by SilverTallest

Jack and Sally Happy Halloween by Lilostitchfan

jack and sally kiss by JozzGc

Simply Ment to Be by PhantomAmber

TNBC: Kiss X3 by Garfield141992

Time for the Ball by tellmeprettylies

Sweet Dreams by tellmeprettylies

Jack and Sally by EllaWilliams

Nightmare Before Christmas by wardog-zero

Sally and Jack by RPbogal

Sally by ScaredyAsh006

Jack and Sally by Nefgirl

Jack ans Sally by DeedNoxious


Sally by matali

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Minakanusi-hime

In The Darkness by mrshadow1989

Making Christmas by jlien1109

Swirly-Twirly by Cinnamedic

Oogie boogie by reflexia

fun time by selene-nightmare69

I scream by henohenonanashi

Hope 'Ladybug' Boogie - TNBC OC by Cinnamedic

Some Invader Zim art that I like and acted as my inspiration!

2.REQUEST by avakashi

Peace and Friendship by MissFuturama

A chilly winter together by jackfreak1994

Won her heart by jackfreak1994

ZAGR-ZimxGaz by brittinroberts

my new oc amy by naruto-warriors-oc

twins irkens by naruto-warriors-oc

halloween costume by naruto-warriors-oc

Invader amy by naruto-warriors-oc

don't crying my sweet by naruto-warriors-oc

zim x sen by naruto-warriors-oc

Valentine jerks by ayeletshemtov

IZ: HUG by ayeletshemtov

IZ: kissu by ayeletshemtov

:CE: F A N C Y by Ovelayotli

ZaTR - No words by PhantomDragonZX

IZ - RPG by Azu-graph

Over the Stars by Zim-0f-Irk

Tak and Zim by hanna-Aris

If Zim and Tak had Kids by Invader-Sam-93

Tak by Gir-Gir-Gir

Tak and Mimi by StellaB

catr by naruto-warriors-oc

Zim And Tak Romance - Memories by AmandixDemon666

AT-IZ and TNBC crossover by jackfreak1994

Nightmare before ZIM by I-Like-Things

Zim Skellington by FluffleMuffle

because of you by kerenitychan

Family by Zamayn


ZATR CX by Invaderdaniela



little tak by Invaderdaniela

The Wedding by Invaderdaniela

Humanized Love by BenTenFrontLine

Opheliac in me by ayeletshemtov

IZ: Everybody wants to be a cat by ayeletshemtov

IZ: pretty pretty kitty kitty by ayeletshemtov

Fashionable by ayeletshemtov

catr by naruto-warriors-oc

just a Small  kiss by naruto-warriors-oc

Debbie by naruto-warriors-oc

Dib and Qwiz by naruto-warriors-oc

Finley we r together by naruto-warriors-oc

dib and Debbie by naruto-warriors-oc

Days ago by naruto-warriors-oc

lazy day by naruto-warriors-oc

stall  couples by naruto-warriors-oc

my sweet human by naruto-warriors-oc

cute baby irkens by naruto-warriors-oc

back to skool by naruto-warriors-oc

flow her by naruto-warriors-oc


dib and Debbie by naruto-warriors-oc


me and my sister twins meeting zim by naruto-warriors-oc

zim x sen by naruto-warriors-oc

iz :oc sen by naruto-warriors-oc

first  kiss by naruto-warriors-oc

just u and me by naruto-warriors-oc

halloween costume by naruto-warriors-oc

This again meh by PrettyTak

A nice christmas by PrettyTak

Flirting by PrettyTak

Cheater ZADE/ZADF by PrettyTak

Eew Love by PrettyTak

The worst season by PrettyTak

Just some Human holiday by PrettyTak

Little Chibi Bees by PrettyTak

Tak And Zim by InvaderAvery

porkcow for my lurv muffin by SweetCupcakeLove

zatr kiss by SweetCupcakeLove

cute zatr by SweetCupcakeLove

You Can Stand Under my Umbrela by PrincessRosalina666

Gamers by PrincessRosalina666

Paint ZATR by zatr

Gothic ZATR by zatr

IV and CB crossover again by SweetCupcakeLove

Spin-the-bottle by Tora-Yakari by zatr

Monkey Suits - by Tora-Yakari by zatr

ZATango - by Tora-Yakari by zatr


OC Mania by PrincessRosalina666

Sleepy Time by PrincessRosalina666




a Walk in the Snow by ShinyIcecream777


ZaGr- Stare by FluffleMuffle


ZAGR before Christmas by Bat13SJx

ZaGr- The New Tallets in Town SKETCH by FluffleMuffle


ZAGR Wedding by JasmineAlexandra

~An unusual Wedding~ by ShinyIcecream777

Scarf by ShinyIcecream777

ZAGR :O by ShinyIcecream777

Rainy Night by ShinyIcecream777


A kiss zim seeks 2 by jackfreak1994

Zim and Gaz Romance by jackfreak1994

Will you Marry Me? by Jackie00Liza

there is no time to waist by naruto-warriors-oc

Here are some icons


:icontakplz: :icontakohshitplz: :iconexcitedtakplz: :iconhumantakplz: :icontakderpplz: :icontakrapefaceplz::icontakwtfplz: :icontaklolplz:







:iconsouleatergopherplz: :icongopherfaceplz: :icongopher1plz: :icongopher2plz: :icongopher3plz:

:iconrobotnikwtfplz::iconjumpingrobotnikplz::iconpromotionplz::iconyouarecorrectplz::icondrivorobotnikplz::iconpinessplz::iconrshutupplz::iconrobotniknoplz::iconwhocaresplz::iconrobotniksilenceplz: :iconrobotnikrapefaceplz::iconrobotnikrapeface: :icondiplomadopeplz::icondrrobotnikplz:

:iconthemaskinloveplz: :iconthemaskcartoonplz: :iconthemaskconfusedplz: :iconthemaskderpplz: :iconthemasknotamusedplz: :iconthemaskplz: :iconmaskbombplz: :iconmaskwhatplz: :iconmaskburpplz: :iconmaskjokerplz: :iconmaskrageplz: :iconmaskiuhplz: :iconthemaskthumbsupplz:


Gilgamesh Duodecim - Avatar by CookiesFTA

Soul Eater's this is Halloween by Contenebratio

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