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Warden and Puffy’s Bizarre Adventures Chapter 2…

(We see Warden and Puffy walking in a field and they rest……..Warden takes the gemstone out of his pocket and stares at it.)

Puffy: What’s wrong Warden?…

Warden: Something doesn’t add up.

Puffy: Huh?

Warden: Why would the NEO-REVOCS take a gemstone?

(Suddenly the Gemstone unleashes a bright blinding light and it forms into something)

Warden: Puffy get back.

(Warden prepares to defend Puffy as a giant silhouette forms into…….)…

Sardonyx: Hello Everyone, you just in time for a performance from the lovely Sardonyx! Step right up!

(Warden and Puffy approach Sardonyx)

Sardonyx: Hello there, who are you?

(Warden blushes and Puffy is in a cheerful mood)

Warden: My name is Warden.

Puffy: My name is Puffy

Sardonyx: Hi Warden and Puffy, you two are too cute for words!

(Warden blushes even brighter)

Warden: Why thank you.

Sardonyx: Thank you for freeing me, I’ll help you in any way I can!

Puffy: We want to stop Lord Stingray, can you help us get to his mansion?

Sardonyx: Certainly, I can help with that!

(We see the woman from earlier hiding watching Warden, Puffy, and Sardonyx. She follows them as they walk through the field)

Warden: Sardonyx lead the way.

Sardonyx: You can count on me!
Warden: I always wondered something about our plan.

Sardonyx and Puffy: What is it Warden?

Warden: What are we going to eat? I’m pretty sure the REVOCS have changed the currency of this town.

Puffy: I packed food.

Sardonyx: Problem Solved!
(Warden continues to walk with the group and smiles at both Puffy and Sardonyx)

Warden: It’s nice meeting you Sardonyx.

Sardonyx: Thanks Warden!

Puffy: Warden and Sardonyx, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Lord Stingray’s Manor, day, inside…

(We see Lord Stingray looking at a cracked mirror………we still cannot see his face except for his eyes)

Lord Stingray: There was a time where I was very weak.....lacking power made me vulnerable and so I had to find obtain power to protect myself

(Lord Stingray lights a candle with green flames…..we still cannot see his face)


(Lord Stingray calms down)

Lord Stingray: My body itself is like a bound to fate, and it seems to be freed from fate is to become a god. The fools are aware of my existence and because of that I will eradicate every last one.

(We see the Woman use a hologram to talk to Lord Stingray)

Lord Stingray: Did you want something Rei Hoomaru?

(Rei’s hologram turns around and sees Lord Stingray standing behind her)


(Rei gasps and pants for a while…as Lord Stingray stares emotionlessly at her)

Lord Stingray: I asked what are you doing here Rei Hoomaru?

Rei: W-well I came to give my report…………..It appears that Warden and Puffy freed Sardonyx and are making their way to your hideout.

Lord Stingray: And?

Rei: And that’s all.

Lord Stingray: When I said, “And?”. I was talking about you, Rei Hoomaru. When are you going to fight them for me? You swore your loyalty, but haven’t done anything. When are you going to fight them for me?
(Rei’s hologram trembles in fear)

Lord Stingray: Anyone can give me reports! You failed Ragyo and you failed me!

(Rei’s hologram sweats in fear)

Lord Stingray: however, I will give you one last chance. I expect you to kill Warden and the others……otherwise I’ll kill you

Dedicated to my friend :iconpuffypugs:, I hope any of you reading this story enjoy it too
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September 2, 2015


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