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Warden and Puffy’s Bizarre Adventure Chapter 5

Lord Stingray’s Manor, inside, day

(We see a group of Neo-REVOCS members in a dark room, they turn and see Sardonyx and Puffy)

Neo-REVOCS Member 1: it’s the woman who killed Rei!

Neo-REVOCS Member 2: GET THEM!…

(They all try to attack Sardonyx, but she manages to dodge them.)

Neo-REVOCS Members: WHAT!!!??

Sardonyx: my Turn.

(Sardonyx hits them all with her hammer and slam them into the walls as they all try to tackle her. Sardonyx eventually defeats all the members.)


(We see Warden enter a room where he sees the petrified skull of the Intoner, Warden breaks it easily.)

Warden: That’s taken care of.

(Suddenly a pair of glowing red eyes appear behind Warden and he turns………’s Lord Stingray and we finally see his face, it looks the same as he usually does)

Warden: Hi Stingray……..

Lord Stingray: Oh, hi Warden. What are you doing?

Warden: *Nervously laughs* Foiling your plans……..

Lord Stingray: *Laughs* That’s pretty funny.

Warden: Really?

(Suddenly Lord Stingray punches Warden in the stomach sending him flying across the room.)…

Lord Stingray: Actually, NO! Allow me to correct your arrogant belief….THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY BEAT ME!!!

(Warden stares at Lord Stingray in horror………..Lord Stingray’s eyes glow a solid red)

Lord Stingray: One by one….in order, in order. I shall use my powers to slay you, Warden. You have destroyed my dream.

(Warden gets up and punches Lord Stingray hard enough to send Lord Stingray crashing into a statue of himself)

Warden: I’m not backing down. I will protect my friends and loved ones from people like you.…

(Lord Stingray smiles and prepares to fight Warden. He gets up and summons four other Lord Stingrays)

Warden: HOW’D YOU DO THAT!!!

Lord Stingray: Simple, I move so fast that these are only optical illusions. In short I can hit you in five different areas at once.
(Warden dodges most of the Lord Stingrays and hits the real one……however he receives a punch and crashes through a wall. The same happens to Lord Stingray)


(Puffy and Sardonyx hear the crash)

Sardonyx: oh no…..


(Sardonyx and Puffy run and try to find the room.)

Warden: If Lord Stingray is so powerful I got to find an advantage over him. But how?

(Warden gets up….he then sees a kitchen sink heading right at him. Warden dodges it.)

Lord Stingray: *Creepily singing* I have a dozen cars when I’m in the mood, I hire some guy to chew my food, I’m and up and remobile dude, this is the life.

(Warden grabs Lord Stingray and punches him repetitively finally injuring Lord Stingray but not by much)

Warden: HUH!!!??

Lord Stingray: It’s going to take a lot more than that to injure me.

(Warden jumps up and strikes Lord Stingray causing a crack in his armor, it sends Lord Stingray flying through a wall. Warden collapses out of exhaustion.)

Warden: I won Lord Stingray.…
(Warden closes his eyes and rests. Until he hears a noise.)

Lord Stingray: WARDEN YOU SWINE!!!
(Warden’s eyes open and sees Lord Stingray covered in dirt running towards him. Warden despretly tries to get up……..but finds out he’s so exhausted he can’t do it.)

Warden: So long my friends…….I love you Sardonyx. I accept my fate, Lord Stingray.

(As Lord Stingray charges, suddenly Sardonyx appears in front of Warden and slams Lord Stingray into a wall with her hammer.)

Sardonyx:*Cries* Warden

(Warden struggles to get up)

Warden: I'm alright, just very exhausted.

Sardonyx: Oh thank goodness. I love you so much

(Warden and Sardonyx kiss while Puffy watches them....suddenly they hear a crumbling noise)
Dedicated to my friend :iconpuffypugs:, I hope any of you reading this story enjoy it too
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Submitted on
September 4, 2015